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An industry outsider-insider's call for harnessing creativity in our quest for diversity and change.

There’s been lots of talk about diversity, inclusion and representation but change isn’t happening as fast as we like. Why not? And how to do we shake things up? Shelina Janmohamed issues a clarion call for the industry’s superpower – creativity - to be harnessed in order to create a paradigm shift. The industry is at its very best when it uncovers human stories, tells them in ways that connect to people and walks the line between reflecting culture and leading it.

This is an honest, no-holds barred recounting of her personal experience, intimate, poignant and sometimes shocking of how and why she came into the industry, what it has been like as an outsider, and what she’s learnt as she’s slowly gained an insider’s view.

Tune in to re-ignite your passion for the work we do, and the way we think about the creative power at our fingertips. Give the lip service a rest and park your bandwagon, and instead join Shelina in her quest to reclaim your superpower and stand up for creativity.

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Shelina Janmohamed Vice President, Islamic Marketing Ogilvy Consulting

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Track  Future is Female