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You've got 10 minutes with some of Bloom's most inspiring women in the industry, what will you ask? Bloom's Group Speed Mentoring session offers the next generation of female talent the chance to meet leading figures from across adland and ask them burning questions that will help inform, inspire and shape your career. Bloom believes in 'Truth as a force for change' in the industry and celebrates the real voices of women, so no question is taboo, ask away!

This session will be a combination of honest stories from some of the Bloom Leadership Team as well as group mentoring. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Up and coming young, female leaders will have the chance to ask Bloom's mentors any question about their careers
  2. Bloom believes in 'Truth as a force for change' in the industry, so any question is a good question
  3. Our mentors will deliver 'naked truths' in your mentoring sessions, true to Bloom's mission

Presented with


Sally Keane Head of Sales / President of Bloom Linkedin
Lucy Cutter Activation Director / COO of Bloom Kinetic
Chloe Siddall Vice President of Bloom
Katie Grosvenor Head of Sales Integralads
Elizabeth Anyaegbuna Co-Founder Sixteenbynine
Fiona FitzGibbon Founder and Director Diversiffi Media
Emily Hanson Marketing Director Finecast
Caroline Mastoras Commercial Director Freeda Media
Victoria Brooks 2019 Vice President, Trustee Bloom

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