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Great expectations were set for 2020, but in a little over three months the world had already been thrown into a whirlwind of uncertainty.

We’re living in an age of anxiety. It’s become harder than ever for consumers to make the right decisions – or even to know what do in the current climate and are increasingly looking to brands and their leaders for guidance and stability. However, simply responding on Twitter is not enough – brands need to become the change they are tweeting about.

MWWPR’s Vice President of Digital Strategy, Gareth Davies will be joined by Oliver Lewis, Founder & Managing Director, The FIFTH, Jamie Elden, Chief Revenue Officer, Shutterstock and Abba Newbery, Chief Marketing Officer at Habito to discuss the role brands and their leaders can play in driving brand purpose and meaningful change; the role social media can play in communicating the right messages with audiences to build trust and respect; and how to safely and effectively navigate global crises to appeal to consumer needs on a creative and emotional level.
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  1. Social media
  2. Crisis comms
  3. Brand purpose

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Gareth Davies Vice President, Digital Strategy MWWPR
Oliver Lewis Managing Director The Fifth
Jamie Elden Chief Revenue Officer Shutterstock
Abba Newbery Chief Marketing Officer Habito

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