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Porn — the oldest industry in the world, yet pioneering through the ages. As the Internet's first real disruptive industry, it has catalysed the development of real-time credit card verification, video on demand, SEO and enabled broader bandwidth. It’s safe to say, what happens in porn, soon happens in advertising. And just as the conversation in advertising is focused on doing good, fair trade and woke-washing, a similar discussion has been raging for years in the adult industry.

But is there such a thing as ethical porn? Join this discussion to hear from performer, platform and producer alike, the horror stories and the entrepreneurial opportunities that this ancient business brings about — and what we can learn from them. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What businesses can learn from the entrepreneurial spirit of the porn industry regarding technology and customer delivery
  2. What businesses can learn from the horrors going on in the industry, like revenge and nonconsensual porn
  3. What businesses can learn about consumer behaviour from porn and how to adapt to it
  4. How desire, demand and supply interact

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Kerrie Finch Founding Partner futurefactor
Kate Isaacs Senior Research Executive & Founder #NotYourPorn
Jennifer Lyon Bell Founder Blue Artichoke Films
Mark Hassell Head of Marketing & Partner

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Track  Craft & Creativity