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They’re born online, data-led and unafraid to do things differently. Direct-to-consumer brands have reshaped the shopping status quo over the past decade and seen unprecedented growth in 2020 as people reset ingrained habits during the pandemic and look for new ways to shop.

In this session, join Kate Huang, CMO at femcare brand Callaly and Tom Wallis, CMO of recipe box service Gousto, to hear how these award-winning, sustainable businesses are shaking things up in the retail sector.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Discover 50 of the UK’s leading DTC brands
  2. Explore key behaviours and preferences of DTC consumers
  3. Learn how agencies and media owners can best work with DTC clients
  4. Meet two DTC CMOs and learn how they've guided their businesses through COVID

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Tom Wallis Chief Marketing Officer Gousto
Sophia Haynes Director of Campaigns IAB UK
Kate Huang Chief Marketing Officer Callaly

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