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The Experience Economy was born out of the rise of digital and technological advancements. Yet with Customer Experience becoming increasingly commoditised, investment in technology alone won’t ensure long term success for brands.

Brands are facing a new set of challenges that only a creative approach to experience can help solve.

Join this session to hear practical examples on how creativity and big ideas can transform and augment brand experience. If you are in marketing, customer experience, digital, ecommerce or innovation roles, learn:

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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Isobar’s CX survey – key findings from a Global survey of 1,000 brand executives on customer experience.
  2. Creativity to drive commerce – how Creative Experience is critically important to drive commerce, as the gap between brand inspiration and brand transaction has never been closer.
  3. A framework for ideas – how taking a broad, design-led approach to innovation, can lead to more rapid transformation of the customer experience. And how Isobar have used this approach to build winning solutions for the likes of Clarins, Phillips and adida

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Alex Hamilton Innovation Director Isobar

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