Yoshihiko Kasamatsu

Born in 1964.
• Joined Hakuhodo in 1992. As Account Executive, supervise the whole communication strategy such as media, production, PR, event etc.
• Joined Dentsu in 2001. As a media marketing department Chief Strategist, focused on media planning, integrated communication planning considering synergies between creative, media and promotion. Consulting of client's central media buying.
• October 2005 - Appointed President and CEO of Media Shakers Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Dentsu and Recruit. Promoted cross-media business platform centered on R25 free magazine.
• After returning to Dentsu Communication Design Center, established "ignite Inc., in July 2010.
• Many facilitation and implementation results for "business development" and "problem solving" within the client company.
• Many publications of magazines with titles such as "Methods of evolving advertisement", "Case study / Advertising company Dentsu" and "Communication design".
• 2006 Cannes International Advertising Festival Media Category Promo Lion awarded.
• February 2013 "For future ad men" published
• Executive Director of Advertising Week Asia from 2016, and Executive producer from 2018.