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Those guys will be backed. The session panelists of the consulting firm VS agency, which had great reputation past 2 years, are reunited. This time, 3 marketing professionals in the digital domain will be in a real live battle format, in which they will give real-time feedback on questions raised by visitors and client companies. Questions will not be unveiled to the panelists until the day of. They will also answer questions from the venue on the day. No planned harmony at all! Please stay tuned.

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Junichiro Kurokawa Accenture Interactive Japan Group Lead / IMJ CEO, President Accenture Interactive Japan / IMJ
Motohiro Ando Corporate Officer Hakuhodo Inc./ Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.
Yoshihiko Kasamatsu President & Executive Producer ignite Inc.
Yoshihisa Suzuki President Dentsu Digital Inc.

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Track  Leadership