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The Disruptor Series features individuals who have changed the world by Disruption®. This session focuses on diversity and features corporate executives who have taken progressive approaches.

We will be sitting down with two special guests.

Matthew Walker, AIG Japan Holdings, SVP, Regional Chief Marketing Officer, who will be discussing the importance of diversity and AIG's approaches to diversity & inclusion. And will also introduce their latest #DiversityIsStrength campaign partnering with the All Blacks/Black Ferns that brings some new awareness to diversity.

Kaori Sasaki, Founder & CEO, ewoman, Inc., and founder/producer/chair of the largest professional Women's conference in Japan, will be discussing diversity management and how diversity accelerates innovation and also will introduce “Diversity Index” that takes place in fall, 2018.

Our two esteemed speakers will be joined by Doug Melville, Chief Diversity Officer of TBWA\Worldwide. He will also talk about global/US diversity & inclusion trends and diversity in terms of creativity.

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Doug Melville Chief Diversity Officer TBWA\Worldwide
Matthew Walker Senior Vice President / Regional Chief Marketing Officer AIG Japan Holdings KK
Kaori Sasaki Founder & CEO ewoman, Inc./ UNICUL International, Inc.

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