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Topics of this year’s “TV Upfront” are: 1)the start of reach-guaranteed advertising deals based on "viewer segment data" independently provided by TV stations without relying on CPM; 2)how major advertisers and agencies evaluate data on "quality of viewing" combined with reach specifications; and 3) how the trend of increasing budget allocations to online video advertising that had been growing significantly has now partly swung back to advertising through TV stations.

- New policy trends between US Programmatic TV and advertisers -
TV Upfront - the largest event of the US TV advertisement industry held annually every May.

Based on "TV Upfront 2017 Latest Breaking News" in NY, this session will examine the realities of "TV audience quality" and the results of demonstration experiments being conducted in Japan and the United States on TV commercials and digital advertisements including discussions with Japan's leading advertisers.
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Ryuji Yokoyama President & CEO Digital Intelligence Inc.
Hirofumi (Eda) Sakaeda Chief Representative in New York Digital Intelligence Inc.
Daisuke Otobe Corporate Officer Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd.

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