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When we seek to design marketing that is, as much as possible, focused on people's intents, we must also be very meticulous in making sure the ROI measurements fit. In addition to visualizing television and digital investments, we must add to our calculus the effects of other actions and outside factors.

Furthermore, it has become important to recognize that they have contributed to the consumer action behind the ad and brand metrics. While this is an ideal that has been long talked about, the fact is it is difficult to put into practice, but the currents are beginning to change. We will look at current efforts and attempt to divine the near future. View Less

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Yoichi Tsukamoto General Manager Digital Marketing Department Marketing Comunications Division KDDI Corporation
Keitaro Eto Derector, Strategic Planning Department 1 Planning Division 3 Hakuhodo Inc.
Akihisa Mino Marketing research manager Market Insights Google Japan

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