Sponsored Product Ads: How to Create a Winning Strategy to Capture Hand Raisers

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Be More Triangle: How To Use Your Quirk To Capture Consumers' Attention

On this panel moderated by Roundel, Target’s media company, hear from panelists across leading brands and companies including Criteo, Kimberly-Clark, Mindshare, and PepsiCo as they share insight into how to put together win-win full-funnel campaigns using sponsored product ads to meet brand objectives while bringing “hand raising” consumers the products they want and need. Retail media not only drives sales, but also can be effective in reaching all stages of the consumer consideration process. Whether consumers are casually browsing or looking for a specific need, sponsored product ads are a flexible tactic for meeting brand objectives, from awareness to conversion.
Kris McDermott Director, Shopper Marketing
Saarthak Malik eCommerce Marketing Lead
Sherry Smith Managing Director, Retail Media, Americas
Nikhil Sharma Sr Director, Insights & Analytics

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