Connected TV: Where we’re going & how we’re going to get there

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The Timeless Power of Co-Creation

More consumers are cutting the cord on linear TV. While advertisers can leverage targeting to connect with relevant audiences watching digital video, they also risk impressions being inefficient when consumers don’t pay full attention. Now, advertisers no longer need to settle for less as more publishers and industry players partner together to bring quality programming and advanced advertising capabilities to the big screen at home where people are leaning forward–on Connected TV. Join top publishers and marketers as they discuss how brands can take advantage of premium CTV inventory to stand out from crowded environments and succeed in reaching highly engaged consumers. This lively Panel discussion will feature industry experts from a publisher, an agency, a tech provider and Target.
Nick Jezarian Sr. Director of Media Strategy
Allison Clarke Head of Client Development
Kristen Williams SVP of Strategic Partnerships
Joe Cady Sr. Vice President of Digital and Advanced Advertising Strategy & Development

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