Customer-Centric Advertising: Delivering Trust and Loyalty at Every Interaction

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Customer-centric advertising: Delivering trust and loyalty at every interaction Today’s omni-channel landscape is complex. Advertisers need to reach the right audiences, at the right time, with the right message—all while delivering a positive experience at every touch point. The key is a customer-centric approach. Join Amazon Advertising’ s, Zach Johnson, as he shares actionable tips on how starting with the customer and working backwards can help brands create a virtuous cycle of loyalty and engagement. Samantha Reader, Marketing Director Northern Europe, Diageo will join Zach to discuss how Diageo took a customer-centric approach to drive awareness and product discoverability for their whisky brands on Amazon in Germany.
Zach Johnson Director, Global Verticals and International Advertising
Amazon Advertising
Samantha Reader Marketing Director, Northern Europe

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