All Eyes on OTT: Rethinking Ads in the New Era of Viewing Behaviour

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How the Rise of Streaming, AVOD, and Programmatic Changed TV-Buying For Marketers

The way people view content has changed dramatically, especially when it comes to TV and video. Mobile devices, streaming services and on-the-go viewing -- among many other changes -- have opened the door for marketers to reach consumers in new ways with relevant messages and at massive scale. This lesson features senior leaders from every part of the ecosystem - Carat, OpenX, The Trade Desk, Pluto TV and Digiday - discussing the opportunity that exists with OTT and how the technology stands to enhance both publishers and marketers interaction with consumers.
Aurelia Noel Global Digital Partner
Dave Castell General Manager EMEA - Inventory and Partnerships
The Trade Desk
Dallas Lawrence Chief Communications & Brand Officer
Olivier Jollet EMEA Managing Director
Pluto TV
Jess Davies UK Editor

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