Welcome to the Shit Show: How brands can leverage common ground to navigate Q4

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Q4 is always hectic—a rush to the finish line. For retail, travel, and entertainment, it’s the busiest and most programmed time of the year. And with COVID, the recession, every sport being back, and a bitter presidential election, this Q4 has turned to…well, you know. As emotions run high in a divided country, one thing is apparent: almost all of us feel wild uncertainty right now.We’ll discuss how brands that empathize with universal emotions and orient themselves toward solving for them in small ways will win in Q4. During this panel, the strategy directors for McKinney’s three offices—Jasmine Dadlani, Cat Eagan, and Anita Schillhorn—will provide insight on why brands seeking to connect in meaningful and effective ways don’t have to thread the needle to create a one-size-fits-all approach. Solutions can (and should) look different for every category and every brand. Key takeaways for brands in Q4: 1.Even in a divisive time, there are core emotions that unite us. 2.Most of those emotions are negative, so brands can win by working to make people feel 10% better. 3.Research shows three big emotional territories rise to the top, and there are clear ways brands can address them. 4.Even without a typical Q4 playbook, brands can look toward a holiday season with a glimmer of optimism.
Jasmine Dadlani Director, Strategy
Anita Schillhorn Director, Strategy
Cat Eagan Director, Strategy
Swapnil Patel Executive Director, Media

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