A Moment or Movement: A Town Hall with SATURDAY MORNING

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An open conversation from the leaders of SATURDAY MORNING, creators of the Emmy nominated The Look, on the role of creativity in driving economic change in racial equity, and the role that brands and companies must take to make this not a moment but a real movement. Moderated by Krystle Watler, Managing Director, Virtue. Takeaways: Creativity has the power to shift and change racial bias. Until change happens internally at brands and companies, the outward messages will not have impact to shift racial bias Brands and companies must lead - with the help of diverse voices they can evolve, rebuild and have impact to create a sustained movement for change.
Keith Cartwright ECD
Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners
Geoff Edwards Co-Group Creative Head
Kwame Taylor-Hayford Managing Director
Jayanta Jenkins Co-Founder
Saturday Morning
Krystle Watler Managing Director

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