The Kindness Economy

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Welcome to the kindness economy: resetting how we live and buy for the 21st Century. This crisis - while it will fundamentally change how we live and buy - could also profoundly shape the future of retail in positive ways. It is an opportunity for brands that have lost their way to reset and reinvigorate. Welcome to The Kindness Economy. An economy that is building on a new set of values. For retailers and brands anywhere where there is a conscious choice made to spend money this means behaving in a fundamentally sentient way. The days of controlling your brand messages from within are over. This is about showing people your business lives and sells by a desire for betterment. And that starts within, with your people and how you lead, motivate and empower them. This needs to shine through all you do.
Mary Portas Founder
Portas Agency
Suki Thompson Founder & CEO
Let's Reset

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