Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World: Mind & Body

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As the country continues to experience unrest due to the pandemic, working women are struggling to balance their full-time career, family and personal wellbeing. Juggling these responsibilities while maintaining mental and physical health is overwhelming even pre-pandemic, and now it is practically impossible. The pandemic has also led to a more stagnant lifestyle for many. Working women now spend more time sitting in their homes for most of the day with no commute, and with blurred lines between before and after work. Making healthier physical lifestyle choices is now harder than ever with the pantry a room away from the office, and less alone time between partners. Also, as people feel overwhelmingly stressed, many feel a desire to eat and drink more and exercise less. Katie will speak to physical wellness experts to educate attendees on how to improve their physical health, in a doable way, while balancing their career.
Katie Kempner Creator & Host
Claire Sanderson Editor-in-Chief
Women's Health
Ashanti Johnson Mental Fitness Expert and Founder
360 Mind Body Soul, LLC
Liz Josefsberg Health, wellness, and weight loss expert
Target 100 Inc

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