Revenge of the Nerds: From Backroom to Boardroom

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The Future of Museums: Can NFTs, MOOC's, and XR Save Our Cultural Institutions?

Move over, Silicon Valley: high tech isn’t just for tech companies any more and APIs aren’t just for nerds. Savvy agencies are moving fast to partner with tech companies to move beyond repackaging to reinventing solutions for their clients – building lasting competitive advantage in the process. We learn from Hearts & Science, Amnet, Cadreon and The Trade Desk in a debate moderated by Mi3 about what these agencies are doing in tech today and how they’re preparing for the future.
Paul McIntyre Executive Editor
Isabelle Dunn Chief Digital Officer
Hearts & Science
Mac O’Rouke Head of Data and Operations
Raphael Hodes Client Advisory Director
Stephanie Famolaro Director of Business Development
The Trade Desk

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