Come listen to a live recording of a new episode of FIVE: The 5G Podcast for Marketers, presented by Ericsson Emodo and the Emodo Institute. A panel of industry experts will discuss the expected impact of 5G on ad data, programmatic advertising and privacy. FIVE is hosted by Jake Moskowitz, Head of the Emodo Institute. Join us and be a part of the podcast!

How & Why to Rebrand When You're a Household Name

In this session, attendees will learn best practices for rebranding when your brand is well known or beloved by many. Hear from expert marketers across a wide range of industries who have recently gone through the rebranding process. Why did your company decide to take on this endeavor, what lessons did you learn and if you could go back in time would you do it all over again? The discussion will hone in on the realities of rebranding in a media landscape that offers consumers more touch...

Let's Hear It For Audio: Making Your Brand Heard

Audio, once considered going the way of print, is experiencing a resurgence. Powered by podcasts, producers and plenty of smart speakers, the emotional power of sound to connect with audiences is being rediscovered and reimagined. But what else is behind the embrace of audio? This panel will explore all sides of the digital audio ecosystem – from a brand’s 100% SOV and the ever-expanding supply chain, to the role of creative and what new advantages publishers and buyers might be...

Feel the Story: Emotionally Immersive Storytelling

Join Wondery, the largest independent podcast publisher and the company behind hits like "Dr Death", "The Shrink Next Door" and "Business Wars", for a powerful presentation on emotionally immersive storytelling using sound. Includes the neuroscience study "Your Brain On Podcasts", conducted in partnership with Mindshare's Neurolab.

Katie Piper's Extraordinary People - Podcast Strategy

Podcasting is booming like never before and in 2018 one of the podcast hits of the year was Katie Piper's Extraordinary People. After her stint on Strictly Come Dancing, the broadcaster, campaigner and author joins Somethin’ Else MD Steve Ackerman for a lesson that will get under the bonnet of successful podcasts - something the duo should know a thing or two about after a long stint at no. 1 in the Podcast chart for Katie's podcast.

Why Are Podcasts So Hot Right Now?

Acast - the largest podcast platform in the world - will bring together top podcasters Lydia Bright and Jamie Laing as well as Jorma Kremser of BOSE for a look at just why the medium is exploding in popularity. Hear from Lydia and Jamie on what it takes to create a hit podcast. Jorma will explain how BOSE has made podcasts a focal part of its marketing strategy whilst Sophie Herdman - UK content director for Acast - will share just why audio has become the centre of the universe for so many...

Podcasts: Hitting The Sweet Spot

The Guardian's Head of Audio, Katherine Godfrey will be joined by a panel of advertisers, planners and podcasters to discuss the craft behind audio storytelling, and getting it wrong and right on the journey to the sweet spot.
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