Dear Industry, Let’s Talk About Mental Illness

Given that nearly one in five U.S. adults lives with a mental illness, and there’s mounting evidence that the ratios maybe even higher for the creatively minded, the ad industry needs to make mental health a priority. Mike Caguin will outline for the four in five people who aren’t suffering from a mental illness how to be empathetic and better coworkers and supervisors to those who are.

The Combination of Influence & Authenticity Makes a Winning Team

The most compelling influencer content inspires, connects and engages the audience in a genuine way. In an increasingly saturated media environment, how do brands effectively tap into the power of athletes, while maintaining brand authenticity? This powerhouse session, featuring leaders from all sides of the influencer marketing equation, explores what it takes to deliver athlete-driven content across a variety of platforms and build a successful brand and influencer partnership that wins the...

The Future of News Media?

Despite various attempts at global domination of the news by the big platform players, a number of media brands are inventing their own exciting new platforms that allow them to retain complete control of their digital destiny. In this session, Jonny will share data and stories on how news media companies are evolving to ensure their survival in an ever changing media ecosystem.

A world without IDFA: The implications for marketers of the removal of IDFA

Whether we're talking iOS, Android or the web, the drift of the mobile ecosystem is towards increased privacy. In this session, we'll analyze the implications for mobile marketing measurement should Apple remove the IDFA (IDentifier for Advertising). We'll also explore the alternatives that exist including fingerprinting and SKAdNetwork. It's never too early to start planning, so join us as we prepare for the future of privacy.

Radical Mentorship Presented by AD Club NY

Join us as we discuss the importance of investing in 'genuine relationships that define and redefine your career". We will explore the GOOD and the BAD in company initiatives, personal projects and technology.

Mobile Journey Marketing

This panel will discuss the journey from start to finish to start over again: beginning with user consent, followed by data, allowing brands to extract insights, and ultimately deliver a seamless, personalized activation.

The State of AI

Hear the brand, agency, media + tech point of view on the current state of AI: from opportunities in new tech and measurement mechanisms, to changes in creative and talent resources, to risks in brand safety & fraud.

Storytelling Through Creative: Video

With the shift in consumption behaviors advertisers now need to reshape their relationships with consumers across devices. How to execute while still maintaining an authentic connection.

The Things I Wish I Knew

If you're tired of hearing the same sugar-coated advice, sitting back and listening to this session will be a welcome change. Hear some hard-hitting advice from panelists at the top of their field as they share their moments of failure, frustration, and perhaps even the occasional contented smile.

It's Never Too Late To Innovate

With a shift in consumption behaviors advertisers now need to reshape their relationships with consumers across devices, and think about how to execute while still maintaining an authentic connection.

Design Thinking: Creative Problem Solving

This hands-on workshop will lead you through the design thinking process, taught by design thinking professionals that use this as a key tool for problem solving.

Personal Branding

Learn how to craft an image and build a reputation that can create new opportunities for you and your career.
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