Memes and Medicis: Brands Are the New Culture Creators

Interruption marketing has reached its sell-by-date, leaving many brands scrambling for relevance. To survive in a post-advertising era, brands have become our modern-day Medicis. They are our entertainers, storytellers, creators and curators – connecting through culture rather than interrupting it. Join Jason Xenopoulos, VMLY&R’s North America Chief Creative Officer and New York CEO, as he explores why culture has become our new media, and how brands can harness the power to spread like...

How to use Marketing Technology to Find, Engage, and Keep Customers

Having the right Martech stack is all about understanding your customer journey and using that information to find, engage and keep customers. From video platforms to CRM tools to Data Management Platforms, Martech can be a tricky landscape to navigate.

How Brands are Using Live Streaming to Expand Their Audiences

When it comes to live streaming, brands have embraced the idea that you can offer audiences something of entertainment value and connect it to the brand in a more oblique way. As brands become increasingly savvy at utilizing live video, they are also beginning to ask themselves how to quantify results beyond the view. How can you turn a viewer into a customer?

Make your ad their answer

In an era of one-tap checkout and same-day delivery, we forget that consumer decisions aren’t instant. People are turning to Pinterest to go from dreams to decisions. They want to feel inspired by brands, not interrupted by brands. Together, we can meet people on Pinterest when they’re deciding what to buy. How can your brand leverage visual discovery to take people from “I dreamed it” to “I did it”?

Location Intelligence Transforming Out-of-Home Advertising

Over the last 2 years, location intelligence has become the holy grail to Out-of-Home advertising. Thousands of companies collect valuable data - but very little has been done to extract actionable insights that benefit OOH advertisers the same way Facebook and Google have been able to do online. What is your actual CPM? Who really saw your ad? How do I engage with my target audience? How did brand awareness impact conversions? This session will explore ways of connecting location...

Video Track Introduction

The pace of change in video over the past decade is dizzying, especially with streaming taking the landscape by force and changing the nature of competition for consumer attention. Join us and dive into the world of video to get a pulse on shifting consumer behaviors, emerging trends across both TV and digital, and insights into overcoming existing challenges.

Consulting with Creativity: How do you make it work?

How do consultants and creatives align their work? What should marketers and advertisers know about consulting? Even when they’re not always competing directly in pitches, agencies and consultancies are bumping into each other as they exploit deep C-suite connections around the world. Join leaders from Wunderman Thompson as they take the stage to discuss the integration of consulting and advertising across the agency landscape. Learn how they make it work.

Is a Comprehensive Family Leave Policy Good for Business?

Did you know that only 27% of workers have access to 8+ weeks of maternity leave? Paternity leave is even more scarce, with only 15% of male workers receiving 8+ weeks. Meet The List, a group of 31 industry thought leaders who have committed to improving corporate family leave policies in 2019. Hear how they're applying the lessons they’ve learned at their own companies—from Pinterest to PepsiCo—to prove that better family leave is actually better for business.

WAKE THE E.L.F. UP: Using data-driven insights to recharge an OG digital brand

The e.l.f. Cosmetics brand has made a resurgence — and is showing DTC newcomers a thing or two about marrying brand and demand in the competitive beauty industry. In this talk, e.l.f.’s Chief Marketing Officer talks about the importance of knowing your consumer, doing what you do best, and always pushing forward.

CRM Is The New Brand Marketing

Brand building used to be something that you did through storytelling and mass marketing. Social was how you kept your brand culturally relevant, email was something you focused on with loyal customers, and data science was primarily a tool for campaign optimization. Despite the world going digital, for many brand marketers art still came before science. But overnight, everything has changed. Small media is now high impact media.

Unlocking the Power of Addressability for All

The TV industry is on the verge of a game-changing advancement: full addressable capabilities on all 16 minutes of ad inventory within the live linear broadcast hour. By enabling more relevant advertising and interactivity on the smart TV glass, we have a golden opportunity to maximize the value of 36 billion hours per month of premium audience time while pushing TV advertising effectiveness to unprecedented levels.

DTC & OOH Turn Heads, Drive Sales

Why OOH for DTC? OOH has the captivating power to break through advertising clutter – it’s not at the mercy of the digital ad blocker and on-demand streaming services. It offers DTC brands an opportunity to present themselves to customers in unique, headline-generating ways. Jeremy will share campaign results that prove OOH advertising increases brand trust and loyalty and leads to online activations.
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