Join esteemed industry panellists and hear stories of difference told through audio and video, as they unpack the true meaning of intersectionality. Whether you are gay, straight, rich, poor, disabled, BAME, male, female, or other, the time is now to celebrate our differences and unpack inclusivity.

Breaking Barriers: The New Paradigm in Brand Building

Katie Couric sits down with the founders of break-through, contemporary traditional and direct to consumer brands who are re-defining the relationship between product launch, sales growth, consumer behavior, and the evolution of brand loyalty.

LAUGH OUT LOUD Presents: The Impact of Comedy in Color

EVP & GM of Kevin Hart’s LAUGH OUT LOUD, Thai Randolph shares the company’s POV on the personal, social and commercial impact of comedy in color.

It’s a Great Time to be a Woman

Devika Bulchandani, President of McCann NY, discusses how the advertising industry has the chance to make sure women are heard both as consumers and creators. Data shows that companies with strong female leadership enjoy superior average valuation and that large companies with at least one woman on the board outperformed large companies without.

Creatively Promoting Your Agency: Crashing Cannes with #freedroga

This is the story of how an independent agency called Terri & Sandy crashed Cannes and captured the attention of the entire advertising world. All for only $20,000.

Create Videos That Mesmerize

Stop wasting your time and money and learn how to design videos that dazzle 100% of the time with technology powered by computer vision, a field of artificial intelligence.


Mike Schmidt, founder of walks us through the state of influencer marketing and where he thinks it’s all going. He will explore the current limitations holding back the industry and opportunities for brands, publishers, influencers and technology companies.

Digital Meets the Real World

GenZ wants to take their nose out of their phones, and experience, change and embrace the world around them. Understanding this, what’s the best approach? Hear from the client, agency and OOH perspective on how to reach this demographic of real people, craving the real world.

Marketing in the Trump Era

In last year’s “Marketing in the Trump Era” panel, an attendee prefaced his question with “this is the best Advertising Week panel I ever attended”. Well, we are still in the Trump Era and the same issues we were facing last year still persist. The Wall has given way to ICE and detention centers where families are separated and living in documented deplorable conditions. Mass shootings are rampant. More women are coming forward with accusations of sexual harassment (#MeToo). Unjust police...

Maximizing The Podcast Opportunity for Brands

Podcasts have emerged as a key part of the audio renaissance, with nearly 100 million listeners each month. How should a brand navigate this exciting new opportunity to build awareness with these highly engaged audiences? Join for a discussion highlighting the role podcasts play in the audio universe, their unique value for advertisers and examples of how top brands are leveraging this new audio frontier.

Seeing Your Customer in 3-D: A MUST For Any Media Strategy

3-D data (that all-important mix of Set-Top Box, IP, and 1st or 3rd-party data) has quickly established itself as a media-planning must-have, and for good reason. The proliferation of new touch points has put tremendous power behind campaigns – evidenced by the precision with which today’s audiences can be targeted. And as consumers connect themselves to more devices and platforms than ever before—and connected TV continues to blur the lines between digital and television—the number of data...

From TV to Digital- and Back: Why DTC Brands Rewrote Their Media Strategies

When digital and social made their entrée into advertising, Direct-to-Consumer brands abruptly left TV behind. However, recent industry reports have shown that DTC brands have made a seismic shift in marketing strategies once again, placing TV back on center stage. This panel will speak directly to DTC marketers and industry leaders to explore the influences behind this new approach- and its impact on campaign performance, brand value and business outcomes.
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