Youth Culture: Influencing a Movement

Gen Z, the first generation to grow up fully immersed in technology, is quickly becoming primed to take on the world. According to new research, more than half of Gen Z consumers say that their media experience is how they define community. Join us as we debate what really matters to today’s youth culture, and see why it’s more important than ever to build authentic relationships with this skeptical, but powerful generation.

How Facebook Watch is Creating Community & Driving Culture

We've entered a golden age of video - people have seemingly infinite choice on what to watch and are masters at curating what they want to see. As a result, opportunities for digital first creators have exploded, and traditional publishers and broadcasters have new testing ground to experiment and push storytelling to new heights. In this intimate chat we'll uncover how premium content creators build and create communities to unlock new storytelling opportunities on Facebook Watch.

Prioritizing Your Video Buy: Quality vs Quantity

With the rise of digital video, if there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that there is no shortage of video content (In fact, there are 300 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute!) However, there is a shortage of GREAT content. That’s the inspiration for this dynamic conversation about how to balance the need to drive views with the need to produce quality, brand-safe content.

How to Find Your Creative Space in a Total Video World

Video has an infinite number of frontiers in a digital world. RTL discusses the creative and business strategies for identifying the right platforms and the right partners to inspire truly ground-breaking work, providing a clear insight to help brands negotiate a world of total video.

Building a Brand on Mobile

There's no denying the ever-increasing opportunity mobile presents to marketers. But as the opportunity grows, so does the challenge. With the continual introduction of new technological advances, it can be difficult for marketers to prioritize their investments across the many channels at their disposal. This session will reveal how to find your consumers everywhere—including places you may have never thought to look, and how marketers can build brands on mobile.

Taking Back Control: How Brands and Agencies are Changing the Game

The old agency/client relationships are changing. Agencies and brands now have more tools, technology and advertising-tech partners than ever before at their disposal. Discover how they are evolving to leverage their partners more strategically while increasingly utilizing their own staff and subject-matter experts to create the best experience possible for their customers and prospects.

Hitting the Target: Connecting with Everyone, Everywhere

Even as new avenues and channels emerge, it's harder than ever to connect with an audience. Discover how traditional tv can be married to digital channels like social and OTT and CTV through data to address your audience in a more meaningful way for better engagement, better results and better ROI.

When’s Happy Hour: A Conversation with Betches Media & Brian Kelly

When’s Happy Hour proves you don’t have to go to business school to successfully follow your dreams. In a bonus, live recorded episode of Betches Media’s When’s Happy Hour podcast, co-founders Jordana Abraham and Samantha Fishbein will be joined by Brian Kelly, founder & CEO of The Points Guy, to discuss honest career advice whether you’re struggling to grow in your role, can’t figure out WTF you want to do, or want to start a new business.

The Future of TV Is Now: How Brands are Scaling Success in Connected TV

In today's on-demand streaming world, consumers have more control over the content experience than ever. Marketers are seizing the opportunity to create more personalized connections with consumers and drive new experiences that resonate in the 'connected' living room. Our panel of marketing leaders will discuss the power of connected TV advertising and offer their perspective on how it is helping them to create deeper connections with their consumers.

Big Business: The Role of Athletes in Culture

In today’s attention economy, where sports coverage is a 24/7 swirl of statistics, the personalities that drive the sport can get lost. Yet in modern culture, athletes have an influence that far transcends their performance on the field, court or track. Will Welch, editor-in-chief of GQ, moderates a discussion around the role of athletes in our culture — and how they have become just as valuable off the field as they are on it.

Future-Proof Brand Media Strategies

Advertisers and brands are challenged by competitors, tech innovation and shifts in consumer behavior—while being continually bombarded with big data and market insights. Daniel Bischoff, Chief Marketing and Operations Officer at RTL AdConnect, will help you navigate the disruptors and make sense of the chaos with a clear forecast to future-proof your brand media strategies.

The New Demand Side Digital Medium

Out-of-Home is a dynamic, data rich option for brands to reach their target audiences as they go about their day. Innovations in the category (attribution, location data, programmatic, advanced video analytics, content) are coming at a rapid pace and media buyers are noticing. Brands are using out of home as a key part of their omni-channel strategies. The medium’s ability to measure business outcomes – foot traffic, sales, brand lift, etc. are key for advertisers today. This buy-side panel...
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