LATAM 2020


Embracing the Future: How Meaningful Connections are Moving the World Forward

On one hand, consumers are thirsty for innovation and relevant experiences. On the other, brands are surrounded by a universe of possibilities. In the midst of all of this, a whirlwind of information is available. In this keynote, Iván Markman, Chief Business Officer at Verizon Media, discusses how AR, VR, XR and 5G will play an important role in this landscape and should be part of the agenda of agencies, publishers and advertisers around the world.

Youtube Works Awards Mexico

Launch YouTube Works Awards program in Mexico to celebrate the most creative and effective campaigns.

The Cookieless World

With a cookieless future becoming closer and closer to a reality, what can the ad tech ecosystem do to survive? This presentation aims to clarify all this and offer an optimistic path for all of us to thrive. With rising consumer privacy concerns in our industry, a couple of years ago Safari started the process to eliminate cookies. Recently, Chrome has announced it plans to do the same in the next two years. There is a lot of confusion as to what is really happening, when things will...

How to be Relevant in a World Designed to Ignore You

In recent years Pictoline has established itself as one of the most relevant visual content generators in Latin America, and a benchmark for information design in the world. Its co-founder Eduardo Salles shares some of the processes and methodologies behind Pictoline's success so as not to get lost in a changing world of algorithms, supersaturation, acceleration and noise.

Time to Call the Play

The NBA is one of the leagues with the greatest impact worldwide, from the field to the networks, through fashion and social responsibility campaigns. In this interview with the Director of NBA Mexico, Raúl Zárraga, you will be able to know everything that NBA has planned for Mexico and what are the plans to promote women and men who will represent the future of basketball in our country and around the world.

The Future of Content Consumption

An exploration of content, audiences, marketing strategies and platforms are the basis for analyzing the future of content consumption and the construction of new narratives.

The Out Of Home of the Future

This is a period of uncertainty for advertising. In order to survive the industry must evolve and distinguish their value proposition to he public. What does the future look like? Will Out Of Home Advertising take on a new form? Join this panel of leading executives from Out Of Home Companies for a discussion centered on what is to come for them.

Vidcon México 2020: Influencer Marketing and Management.

The relevance of influencer marketing and management and how today, this industry has become a pillar in communication strategies

The Future of Brands

As an industry we must facilitate the creation of new value chains that result in the growth of businesses and their brands: a differentiated, updated and competitive value proposition.

Power People’s Passions: What Triggers our Passions and How do we Fuel them?

We should all have a passion in our lives, but what is the trigger to get one and how do we stay inspired and informed about it? Does it matter what our passion is for? Should we be more passionate about our passions to reap the benefits to the fullest? Passions in life are fundamental to our sense of identity and happiness. To understand why, and to explore the role and value that the media play in fueling people's passions, Discovery commissioned one of the largest studies ever conducted...

Brand Fit Beyond the Click

Uncover and validate consumer truths - In our technology-driven world, user data it is often taken for granted, and frequently misunderstood to be consumer knowledge. Our panel discusses the contributions and challenges of market research for marketing and advertising, as well as current tools and recent trends. Learn why it may be worth the while to take just a step back to see the bigger picture, in order to find consumer truths and develop brands that really connect.
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