EU 2021


The Future of Commerce

This past year has seen sweeping shifts to how we live, work, communicate & shop. But what’s next? Which consumer behaviours will remain after Covid? How can we set up to succeed as brands & marketers in the long-term? Beth Horn, Head of Industry for Retail & Ecommerce at Facebook, will be joined by a number of leading brands to discuss the future of commerce: from discovering new opportunities of growth through the rise of Discovery Commerce, to the technologies providing experimental online...

Be Their Next Big Idea

Now more than ever, people are looking for inspiration. They’re looking for fresh ideas and are ready to try things, ready to buy things. They’re full of intent and actually want to hear from brands. As we start to embrace a 'back to life' spirit, we look at what this means for brands. How can we show up in a positive and relevant way and help people bring their ideas to life?

How Brands Can Evolve Beyond Purpose to Become Truly Purposeful

The pandemic proved that power lies in a brand’s ability to act, and those that demonstrated their purpose made an impact. There’s a new focus on communities – in contrast to mass personalisation, and alongside a trend of brands moving from ‘marketing’ officers to ‘customer’ officers. We’ve seen creativity in action - solving customer and community problems in creative ways, in a year in which brand comms moved from saying to doing. How can brands rebuild and accelerate by becoming...

Future-Proofing Fashion and Beauty: Creation > Prediction

Hosted by Virtue, this panel examines how the promise of innovation within fashion and beauty allows brands to take a stand and respond to the climate and ecological emergencies. It lets you in on how to create ideas & IPs that break the status quo by shaping a shared vision of our common future. We’ll discuss campaigns, innovations, and insights from key figures, providing inspiration and learning – both for legacy brands working out how to make the most impact and for new players...
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