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Great Minds Morning Debate: This House Believes Every Ad Should Be a Green Ad

The Climate Emergency is the biggest challenge we will face in our lifetimes, dwarfing the current Covid-19 crisis. Action is needed now to change the impact we are all having on the planet. Six months from COP26, how can UK advertising support the ambitions of Ad Net Zero to reduce the industry’s carbon output to real net zero by 2030? Should every ad be a green ad?

The Future of Organizational Infrastructure, with Rob Pierre, CEO of Jellyfish

The pandemic has laid bare the numerous inequalities that already exist in our society. Even before the pandemic hit, Jellyfish were addressing the fundamental barriers that stop people from progressing. We sought to tackle the problem at its root and build an entirely new organisational infrastructure, fit for the future. Rob Pierre, CEO of Jellyfish will share the key elements of the new infrastructure, the impact that it’s already having at Jellyfish and why this matters from both a...

Future of CTV, with Rebecca Waring, Unruly

Often overshadowed by the COVID 19 pandemic, other factors have been in play that have significantly contributed to the growth of CTV. For TV viewers, CTV opens up new entertainment possibilities, access to forgotten genres and personalised experiences. For brands, CTV provides the opportunity to reach consumers in a TV environment with the precision of digital targeting. The question is – how will CTV change advertising strategies, what are the most innovative ways to leverage CTV and what’s...

A Look at the Future of Work Through the Next Generation of the Workforce's Eyes

Who are the next generation of talent and what are they looking for from work? Going beyond them ‘caring about purpose’ and ‘experiences’ to who they really are. Showing a concise snapshot and true view of this generation. Showing how the industry needs to adapt to bring the best and brightest of this generation into the industry - with examples of who is doing it well. Using these companies and examples to land our narrative of the future of work for you to be able to utilise in the...

Marketing Taboos

Hear from three leaders at exciting, disruptive companies who are marketing in the sectors of periods, sexual health and death. Find out what challenges these traditionally taboo areas have presented and learn how to overcome them.

The Future of the Newsroom, with Stan Pavlovsky, CEO, Shutterstock

The pandemic upended everyone’s creative process--including in the world’s most trusted newsrooms. How do you get footage on the ground when you can’t travel? How do you share assets across teams? How do you get smarter about what you show your audience? In this fireside chat, Advertising Week will speak with Shutterstock CEO Stan Pavlovsky about the future of the newsroom, from how stories get sourced to how they are produced and shared.

The Future of the Workplace, with Emma Newman, CRO EMEA at PubMatic

There are many considerations when it comes to the future of the workplace, ranging from the ethical, should employers require employees to be vaccinated, to the practical, how do employers deal with flexible working requests. There’s also the challenge of not knowing what we don’t know in today’s environment, many employers and employees are questioning what does the future workplace look like. How can businesses ensure employees work safely and productively? How can we better support...

The Future of Britain, with Denise Turner, Newsworks

Insight director Denise Turner will share the highlights of Newsworks’ latest state-of-the-nation research, “Come Together”. The study shows that the majority of people in the UK are feeling “cautiously optimistic” about the future as we emerge from a tumultuous period. But there are also complex contradictions at play concerning our national identity. Denise will provide a snapshot of the report and the role news brands and advertisers can help play in bringing the nation together again.

The Role of an Agency in Today’s Fast-Changing Digital Media Ecosystem

Digital advertising is more complex and fragmented than ever, and brands are turning to their agencies to help them understand how they can still deliver business outcomes in this environment. In this session, hear from Seun Odeneye, MD of the UK and Ireland for Matterkind, and Emma Lacey, who oversees Buyer Development for OpenX in the EMEA region, about Matterkind’s approach to digital, the changing expectations of agencies, and how Matterkind is positioning their clients to succeed in 2022...

Engaging with Consumers in the Cookie-Less World

The demise of third-party cookies and MAIDs has turned to be a catalyst of change for the digital advertising ecosystem. Technology companies have built different solutions to enable advertisers to reach and engage with consumers in environments where cookies and MAIDs are not available. ID5 has invited representatives from the buy-side to discuss the approaches available to advertisers to help them evaluate different solutions and build a future-proof identity strategy.

Gearing Up For Dynamic: Are Your Ads Going the Extra Mile?

Featuring insights from new research on the power of personalisation, this session will showcase how a dynamic advertising approach helped challenger brand Under Armour to go the extra mile with a joint audio and video campaign.

Responsible Brands in Europe: Consumers Call For Sustainable Action

Join an exclusive panel discussion exploring Brands, Broadcasters and Content Production Houses’ sustainable initiatives and their consumers’ expectations. This discussion, moderated by Jean-Baptiste Moggio, will be based on RTL AdConnect's exclusive European study on "Responsible Brands" and the testimonies of Lucy Crotty, Cultural Insight & Strategy Lead at ITV, and Jane Atkinson, SVP Global Production at Fremantle.
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