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Ageism: The Cinderella Topic of Diversity and Inclusion

Adland is making great strides in addressing diversity and inclusion – in agency culture and in the ads that are produced. The median age in the UK is 40.5 years, yet 44.8% of agency staff are under 30. We know that diverse workforces produce the best work – so why is age such a taboo subject in the advertising industry? In this session, join the IPA's panel, who will look at tangible ways to open up the industry.

The Future of Identity, with Lukas Fassbender, The Trade Desk

Marketers are experiencing a unique convergence of events in time, with unprecedented pressure to prove ROI in a regulatory landscape that has been transformed by changing consumer preference, where new privacy and ad relevance challenges are emerging. Join Lukas Fassbender, General Manager of DACH at The Trade Desk, as he answers: • What does the future of identity mean for marketeers? • How will digital marketing evolve in response to these challenges? • What should marketers be doing...

The Evolution of Brand Experiences

With audiences consuming more content than ever before, the interaction with brands is constantly developing and the delivery of brand experiences is becoming increasingly complex. Christophe Castagenera, Head of Connected Experiences at Imagination, will discuss the ways in which brand experiences are evolving, how brands can navigate and express themselves in an ever-changing communication ecosystem.

The Future of Creativity and Technology, with Katy Wright, FCB

At a time when customers are hyper aware of the power of their own data, the most effective advertising needs to not only safeguard but be fueled by data and technology. By unlocking the simple truths that can be found at the heart of complex digital ecosystems, this new era of marketing has become the smartest way to reach difficult to reach people with truly engaging and memorable creative campaigns. Whether it’s reconnecting Big Issue customers and vendors on Linkedin during Lockdown,...

The Future of Periods, with Jody Elphick, Callaly

Once considered a great social taboo, periods have entered the limelight in the past few years and are now making headlines – about time too. But is the period care industry keeping pace with cultural changes? And what's around the corner for conversations about menstruation?

Braze Roundtable: The Participation Economy

Are you ready for the participation economy? It is no longer enough for brands to market and broadcast to people; now you need to make a more human connection. After a year of pandemic disruption, 60% of businesses say they will invest in the next 12 months in the customer engagement space. But who will be the companies turning engagement into true participation? Advertising Week alongside Braze and Iris are hosting this roundtable discussion on how to engage customers to achieve business...

The Future of CX, with Pritesh Gadhia, Accenture Interactive

The ways in which people work, shop, play, live and learn have changed dramatically because of the pandemic. The businesses that have survived, and in some cases thrived, have been those that were able to quickly and effectively pivot to serve changing needs. Uncovering and responding to unmet and even unknown needs is critical for growth. It pushes boundaries and stretches a company into new categories. It’s the only path to sustainable growth. To achieve this, organisations need to move...

How to Grow a Community and Build Your Network

Community has never seemed so important as it has the last year, as so many things have turned upside down people turned to each other to find support. After building her own marketing community and using her insights across numerous brands, Lottie will be sharing what you need to know to build your network and grow a strong community.

Blood, Sweat, and Fears: Finding Ambition, Inner Strength, and a Fighting Spirit

Davina McCall is one of the most recognisable faces on British television and has become a household name for millions. But, behind that famous face is something we don’t often get to hear about; Davina the person, as an entrepreneur and mother. Helen Gorman is a working Mum too. But she’s also a brilliant #marketer & managing partner at Let’s Reset. Suki Thompson (Founder & CEO Let’s Reset) discusses what makes them both feel passionate at 50 to grow businesses they love and explores what...

The Future of Museums: Can NFTs, MOOC's, and XR Save Our Cultural Institutions?

Join this roundtable on the future of museums with experts in the field of culture and tech as they discuss what digital transformation, NFT's, XR, and digital communities can bring to our cultural institutions to ensure a robust future for the arts.

NFTs: Restoring Ownership to Digital Creators

Think about your favourite digital image/video, meme, or even AR filter. Now tell me who created it. The internet has been incredible in the growth of digital art but while it’s an amazing place for discovery, more often than not digital creators are uploading content to the internet and then that content lives a life of its own, often times detached from the original creator without credit or mention of the artist as it’s shared. NFTs have created a way to commercialize digital content...

Customer-Centric Advertising: Delivering Trust and Loyalty at Every Interaction

Customer-centric advertising: Delivering trust and loyalty at every interaction Today’s omni-channel landscape is complex. Advertisers need to reach the right audiences, at the right time, with the right message—all while delivering a positive experience at every touch point. The key is a customer-centric approach. Join Amazon Advertising’ s, Zach Johnson, as he shares actionable tips on how starting with the customer and working backwards can help brands create a virtuous cycle of loyalty...
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