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The Changing Spending Habits of Neighbours

At Nextdoor, we believe by bringing neighbours together, we can cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighbourhood they can rely on. We recently partnered with GWI to place a spotlight on U.K. neighbours. This report focuses on changes brought on by the pandemic as it relates to their finances (How they handled their finances), media & lifestyle (What types of media do they spend most of their time on, purchasing behaviors (How they prefer to shop now) and brand preferences (how have...

Mental Health and Wellbeing: Why It's Critical to Support Black, Asian, and Other Ethnic Talent to Thrive in Our Industry

Join NABS to explore the critical importance of supporting the wellbeing of our colleagues from Black, Asian and other minoritised ethnic communities. Our panel of adland leaders who are at the forefront of organisational culture change, and some with lived experience, will reveal unique perspectives into how marginalised groups are feeling at this time. You’ll come away with a deeper understanding enabling you to support those affected with compassion, authenticity & understanding as we...

Representation in Marketing: Time to Ask Ourselves Tough Questions, with the WFA

With marketers aware of the positive business opportunity of better inclusion & representation within their marketing the challenge still comes as to how to do it. In collaboration with the WFA Diversity Task Force a new guide to potential areas for bias in the creative process highlights all the opportunities that are missed when we as marketers don’t ask ourselves the right questions throughout the process. Diversity is a huge opportunity for marketers and this session will unpack how we...

Shaping a More Inclusive Workforce in Tech and Media

The global pandemic has been significant in many ways, exposing societal inequities and challenging the once-accepted norms of working life. As the world slowly reopens and we begin to move forward, we must recognise and seize this exciting opportunity to reset and build a fairer, more inclusive, and relevant industry. This panel brings together experts to debate the issues brought to light this past year and discuss how to champion social mobility within the tech and media industries.

Finding Inspiration and Creativity in a Time of Crisis

When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, advertising was among one of the first industries who had to quickly pivot. Account teams and creatives were always on and thinking ahead for their clients without skipping a beat. When Black Lives Matter and gender-based violence ignited across the globe, they did it again. Hear from FCB Africa Group Managing Director Thabang Skwambane and FCB Joburg Deputy Managing Director Thithi Nteta on how these moments of crisis helped inspire creativity within the FCB...

The Future of Content Marketing

The global pandemic forced content marketers to pivot messaging as they sought to strike the right balance of being empathetic whilst also showing utility. At the same time, Brand studios looked to deliver additional value as budgets came under increased scrutiny. In this session, we hear from a leading brand marketer and Group Creative Director about current approaches to content marketing -exploring if behavioral changes are here to stay, virtual production practices and the role data...

With Great Creativity Comes Great Responsibility

“81% of people believe that “global brands have the power to make the world better.” Global influence still remains as strong as it always has been, but as marketers we need to think about how we can strike the balance between the best of both worlds. How can we promote unifying values while understanding the nuances of individual cultures and marketing in an ever more hyperlocal way? How do we as an industry work closely with brands ensure our industry is key to meeting this consumer...

Setting Creativity Free From the Desktop

For too long, creativity in advertising has meant immediately turning to your laptop, whilst in so many other moments of our lives we are creating and curating with flamboyant style. The world and our audience have moved on and it’s time that we allowed the same for our teams. We are in a moment in culture where our audiences’ attention has moved on to explore new territories, and it’s time to facilitate an environment in our industry to allow our creators to do the same. In this...

Why Audience Addressability is One of the Biggest Opportunities in 2021

Scalable audience addressability is one of the cornerstones of success in digital advertising. Is the time for publishers and advertisers to knuckle down and define their strategy and roadmap for identifying, targeting, and engaging audiences in a compliant, brand-safe way that not only doesn’t compromise the user experience but actually enhances it. The session features a great lineup of industry leaders, from the buy-side to the sell-side who will share best practices to engage consumers in...

Why Connected TV Matters For App Marketers

Digital video has proven itself to be one of the most resilient verticals in the advertising industry over the last 12 months, mostly driven by Connected TV (CTV). Join Isabel Ferreira and Gijsbert Pols from Adjust as they discuss the untapped potential marketers can harness by working creative CTV advertising into your app marketing strategy.

‘The Power of…’ Interviews: Content, Audiences, Emotion, and Medium

Much discussion in advertising focuses on its science and art, the creativity that drives it and the data that underpins it. But as important is the context in which advertising is communicated. What is The Power of Content, Audiences, Emotions and Medium? How does the content around advertising have impact on its consumption? How does the nature of an audience change the advertising equation? Four of the UK’s leading CMOs will address these issues in a series of interviews with...

Women and Brands in the Era of Social Change

Grazia’s Editor Hattie Brett and Publisher Lauren Holleyoake in conversation with Chief Content Officer Lucie Cave exploring women’s mindsets, consumer behaviour, priorities and attitudes in the past year and what this means for brands and advertisers. With new Game Changers research finding that 85% of women think brands need to do more than be a ‘trend supporter’, they discuss how brands should address issues such as gender equality, racism and poverty through initiatives, content and...
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