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Microsoft Advertising’s the Noodle: Creating Equitable Growth

In response to the changes brought on by this past year, businesses and marketers have shifted from digital transformation to digital acceleration. They’ve overhauled their strategies to find growth as consumers strapped in and started the long rollercoaster ride of shifting behaviors with ups and downs along the way. Many people and small businesses alike have struggled to adapt, and companies have found purpose in helping communities disadvantaged by the pandemic. Join Theo Theodorou,...

Reducing Bias in Creative Sourcing and Discovery

From suggested search terms to sorting functionalities like “popular,” the way people source creative imagery today is inherently biased. In this workshop session, Shutterstock’s Kristen Sanger will share insights from the company’s vast trove of search query data, along with actionable ways to eliminate bias from your searches and to bring diversity into your own creative executions for imagery, video, and music--in front of and behind the camera.

OpenX Roundtable: What's Next in the Post-Cookie World?

The upcoming end of the cookie is the dominant topic throughout all of digital advertising, and a series of key questions has emerged that the industry collectively needs to answer. How will marketers go about targeting their audiences without cookies? How will the open web compete with the walled gardens? What needs to happen now in order to be ready for 2022 and beyond? This discussion, led by Advertising Week in partnership with OpenX, will be a chance for leading publishers, agencies,...

Ask Me Anything, with Margaret Jobling, NatWest

Ten minutes with an industry expert: come armed with your questions and ask them anything, from what inspires them, to who are their heroes, to what’s their greatest mistake. You can Ask Me Anything.

Ask Me Anything, with Sholto Douglas-Home, Expo 2020 Dubai

Ten minutes with an industry expert: come armed with your questions and ask them anything, from what inspires them, to who are their heroes, to what’s their greatest mistake. You can Ask Me Anything.

The Future of Success Measurement, with Ben Jeffries, Influencer

We’ve been watching as the measurement of influencer marketing success moved from vanity metrics, such as likes and comments, to deeper social metrics such as saves, clicks, and content view duration. 2020 propelled measurement even further, as advertisers shifted their focus to more meaningful ways of quantifying the success of their campaigns. In this talk, Influencer CEO Ben Jeffries discusses the new metrics for measuring success and how it will be those who use these new tools who will...

The Future of TV, with Mirjam Laux, Roku

Television, world’s most captive entertainment medium, is undoubtedly transitioning towards streaming. TV will be streamed, and with that all advertising. The market shift to streaming creates chances for existing players and market entrants in the TV ecosystem. Join Roku’s Mirjam Laux for a chat about the changes in the industry, from content distribution to advertising and learn all about the opportunities that we are presented with!

Will VR Destroy my Future Work-Life Balance?

Live to work or work to live? As members of the creative class and its extended circles, we're especially familiar with the rhetoric around following our passions and loving what we do. But what could and should work look like in 2031? Can VR help create a more human-centered approach to labor, love, and life? Or will a robot from an artificial world take my job, my worker rights, and my dignity?

The Future of Programmatic Advertising, with David Denny, OpenX

Programmatic advertising is in the midst of an evolution, and with all of the change occurring in the space, many brands and agencies are looking for new things from various partners in the ecosystem. In this chat, David Denny from OpenX will discuss some of the changes we've seen in recent years, what's important to brands and agencies in programmatic today, and what's coming next in programmatic.

The Future Of Trusted News, with Anna Foot, The Wall Street Journal

This session will feature Anna Foot, SVP of International Ad Sales at The Wall Street Journal | Barron’s Group. A leader with over 25 years experience in the media industry, we will hear what the future holds for premium publisher - exploring topics such as the ways in which short term pivots may drive lasting change as well as her predictions for the years ahead.

Hybrid In-Housing: How Sanofi Took Control of Their Digital Destiny

With the increasingly important role of digital in the consumer journey, the demand for better privacy online, as well as the upcoming cookie deprecation, brands understand that regaining control of their digital destiny is not an option, but a necessity. With Jellyfish, Sanofi developed a hybrid model to in-house their adtech, at a global scale. With over 20 markets at stake, regaining control of their technology choices raised cultural and human challenges, which has since led to...

Taking Action to Improve the Representation of Black People in Marketing

Join Nicola Mendelsohn, VP of Facebook EMEA, and fellow industry leaders to discuss a new cross industry initiative to improve the representation of Black people in marketing. Join to collaborate and open source the diverse and vibrant industry we want to see.
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