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How Can the Ad Industry Play Its Part in Reversing Global Warming?

In the words of David Attenborough: “Saving our planet is now a communications challenge…” and we have 10 years to change the narrative. This deep dive will look at the role of communications in battling climate change and the need for positive storytelling rather than doom and gloom to make people sit up and take action. What role should brands, agencies and media owners be playing in combatting the effects of climate change?

Creating Marketing Strategies That Speak Through Social

Social media has revolutionized how companies and individuals can conduct marketing. Seemingly constant new features, platforms, and technologies have facilitated seamless connections between brand and consumer, most notably amongst Generation Z. As this segment of the population begins to develop spending power, how will brands continue to speak to every generation whilst capitalizing on this opportunity? With his successful background in YouTube, Riyadh Khalaf understands the importance...

Is it Time For Brands to Make People Laugh Again?

Advertising researchers such as The Nursery and System 1 have questioned why so few brands these days use humour in their advertising. Given the desire for brands to generate affinity with their target audiences, humour as a source of connecting with audiences and prompting a strong emotional response would seem like an obvious tactic and one that has been used historically to great success. In an era where brands are seeking to be more purposeful is the role for humour over?

Be Their Next Partner: Milka Kramer in Conversation with Tim Irwin

With consumer scrutiny at an all-time high, brands must make increasingly conscious choices about who they partner with to tell their stories. Join Milka Kramer, UK Country Manager for Pinterest as she speaks with Tim Irwin, CEO, Essence, EMEA about the secret to building powerful partnerships that not only increase a brand’s bottom line, but make the internet a little bit better too.

Be More Magpie

We are really excited about the theme this year – ‘how to solve the biggest challenges that face our industry today’. And we want to talk to you about one such challenge and our view that we should all Be More Magpie.

The Future of Culture, with Sibylle Tretera, Pinterest

Pinterest is the home of inspiration. We strive to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love. Everyday, billions of Pins shape culture across the world and empower Pinners to turn dreams into reality. Join Sibylle Tretera, for a deep-dive into how we (yes, you and us) can shape culture through our ideas, creativity, and insights.

Behind the Scenes: A Frank Conversation about Race Dynamics on Branded Video Shoots

Tanya Jones is a seasoned Television and Digital Media Producer and the founder of Mama Bear Media Group. She sits down with Jennifer Braunschweiger, Shutterstock's Head of Content Marketing, to have a fun but real conversation about the importance of diverse perspectives and experiences in the Content Marketing Space. Three takeaways: 1. Understand your brand, know what it stands for. What is your vision for this content, and where are you distributing it? Make sure you share this...

Help, My Audience is Gaming: How Can I Navigate the Violence Element of Gaming?

Over 1/3 of the world’s population are gamers…gaming is up +19.6% y-o-y ($174.9 bn). Brands are eager to advertise, with the caveat it’s in a brand-safe & suitable environment. Conspicuously, PEGI rate that over half of video games contain a degree of violence, so does level of violence jeopardise brands that are advertising in it? Games are highly contextual environments needing a custom no-one-size-fits-all approach. We present a framework for brands to find the right suitability strategy &...

The Great Cookie Crisis

Cookies are going away, which means in order for businesses to serve their customers efficiently they need to own their customer data. Fortunately, COVID forced businesses to open up new channels and methods of engaging with customers to help them through the crisis, but what does that mean when the cookies go away? This panel of industry experts focus on how businesses can learn more from their current first party data, and more effectively collect data in new ways to ensure they are ready...

Identity in Advertising: How to Future-Proof Data-Driven Marketing

The use of data in advertising is experiencing a period of chaos as privacy regulations tighten and anti-tracking announcements from browsers become more frequent. It’s resulted in brands being presented with an abundance of choice and solutions. But to set up for long-term success, be privacy compliant and rebuild consumer trust, brands need to take charge of their data strategy. In this session, Elizabeth Brennan, Head of Advertiser Strategy at Permutive, will share how brands can take...

Connection, Culture, and the Rise of Online Community

Online communities have attracted global attention in recent months, but they are not new. These spaces have long been part of the cultural zeitgeist and home to the most authentic, passionate conversations on the internet. They also bring an immense opportunity for brands. Join Reddit’s Head of International, Tariq Mahmoud and OMD UK Chief Digital Officer, Suzy Ryder as they explore the rise of online community, its role in the wider media mix, and the brands finding real success in these...

Approaching Brand Safety and Suitability in EMEA’s Complex News Cycles

Brands unwittingly spent at least $235 million in advertising on sites linked to disinformation in 2019, based on GDI estimates. This number is likely to continue growing as fast-evolving news cycles create opportunities for bad actors to spread disinformation. To better understand the relationship between controversy and disinformation, DV recently released a special report that examined content trends from 2020 and early 2021
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