EU 2019


Why Are Podcasts So Hot Right Now?

Acast - the largest podcast platform in the world - will bring together top podcasters Lydia Bright and Jamie Laing as well as Jorma Kremser of BOSE for a look at just why the medium is exploding in popularity. Hear from Lydia and Jamie on what it takes to create a hit podcast. Jorma will explain how BOSE has made podcasts a focal part of its marketing strategy whilst Sophie Herdman - UK content director for Acast - will share just why audio has become the centre of the universe for so many...

Rumble In The Media Jungle

Digital media has been having a tough time of late. The layoffs at Buzzfeed and Vice are symptomatic of the difficulties these organisations are having in developing reliable revenue streams to spur growth. But it’s not all bad. Hear from some of the leaders in this field on how they are navigating the choppy waters of monetising social media content.

Confessions, Classical Music & Commercial Radio

One of the nation’s most popular radio broadcasters, Simon Mayo, in conversation with Bauer Media’s Music and Content Director Ric Blaxill about new station Scala radio, his move into commercial radio, why radio is the master of reinvention and the classical tune he is most likely to sing in the shower!

The Evolution of the Brand and Agency Relationship

Customer expectations are getting higher, the need for personalisation combined with digital transformation across the industry is presenting new challenges for both brands and agencies. In this panel, we will ask the question: "How will the new challenges facing brands and agencies evolve, define and transform the Agency Brand relationship?". Adobe brings together an expert panel from both Agency and Brand side to discuss.

Partnerships, Collaboration and Honest Conversations - What it Really Means

Natasha Murray, director of client partnerships at The Guardian, will be joined by representatives across the media industry to debate what advertisers want from media partners today, how media owners can add real value to advertisers' marketing plans and what a modern, mutually beneficial collaboration looks like.

Winning Back Consumer Confidence

A discussion around monetizing customer behaviours without invading privacy or crossing lines that make customers uncomfortable. Featuring experts from The Guardian, Verizon Media, Acxiom, Rakuten Viber and Ogilvy.

The Things I Wish I Knew

Tired of hearing the same sugar-coated advice? These leading women will give it to you straight, sharing moments of failure, frustration, and the satisfaction of breaking through. Hear their hard-hitting advice and the things they learned along the way they wish they knew all along.

Global TV Trends: Where Does the Value Sit for Advertisers?

What trends should you expect to see in TV? What should you expect to see in digital content? And what is being consumed? We examine the state of the TV market.

Joint Ventures: A New Agency Model

The story of how two would-be competitors left their ego's at the door to build a bespoke model of sports marketing model spanning strategy, creative, social and partnerships. This new, mission-oriented model is designed around principles of being agile, entrepreneurial and above all, an ability to embrace change; all factors our experience has taught us that the great marketers of today are looking for. Could this collaborative model of working be a blueprint for future success in the...

Moving Beyond Transparency Towards Trust: Aligning Interests of Agencies & Advertisers

Discover how ISBA and IPA, supported by PwC, are seeking to move beyond the tired "transparency" debate towards practical steps that ensure alignment of interest between agencies and advertisers.

Collaborators Unite!

Customer experience is the new battleground; and it’s clear that delighting customers with hyper- relevant, authentic experiences requires new levels of collaboration across a brand’s internal teams and ecosystems. How can brand leaders champion change to rewire their organizations for a customer- first mindset? Uncover insights on how smarter collaboration models are driving success.

The Resurrection of AIB: How Open Collaboration Transformed Ireland’s Most Hated Bank

In 2008, Ireland’s biggest bank became the country’s most hated when it had to be bailed out by the taxpayer. Media commentary on AIB was 90% negative, and on social a shocking 99% negative. AIB faced it’s toughest challenge of its 50-year existence, and something drastic needed to happen to bring the brand back from the brink Fast forward to today and AIB is coming back into favour with an NPS brand score of 23 at the end of 2017. How did they do it? They let go. Attend this frank and...
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