Blaq App and LayerUp! present Reimagined CSR: Solving the BIPOC Adaptability Paradox

LayerUp! Corporate Stories Series: “Empathy, Transparency & Inclusion (ET&I)” - Adopting a Holistic Approach to Mental Health & Wellness within BIPOC Workforces and Communities. Hear how this panel discusses how to effectively create the overall strategy to connect with community allies and business leaders. Infusing their motto into their marketing strategies - “We fly higher together!” - they are successfully aligning organizations with cultural competency opportunities through their...

One Year On - What's Changed and Where are We Headed?

A year later, with a focus on DEI within agencies, we sit down with Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officers to hear their take on what changes have happened, what direction they think we are headed, and what's next as we look at the short, mid and long term strategies bringing meaningful change to the industry.

Better Data, Better Decisions: Rethinking Campaign Measurement

Listening to and understanding your audience in the moment has never been more important. Access to real-time consumer insight can not only help brands keep a pulse on the changing attitudes of their target audiences but can also lead to better decision-making all around. Better yet, it’s transforming the way brand marketers execute and measure campaigns.

Win Your Category: Make Smarter Decisions with Retail Media Triggers

With the explosion of ecommerce and retail media, more data is available than ever before. But how do brands leverage this abundance of data to drive smarter decisions and market their products to the right consumers? How are they leveraging competitive data, profit, price, inventory and other retail variables to drive category results and measure the effectiveness? Learn from a panel of experts on how they are achieving this through the latest strategies.

The Hispanic Consumer as the Key to Unlocking Growth

Hispanic Heritage Month has just ended, but the insights and conversations must continue to elevate this community! US Hispanics are the best kept secret in America. But they should not be a secret! They make up more than 18% of the population and as a single demographic cohort is growing faster than the U.S. economy as a whole. Hispanics are the muscle of growth for the middle class of America. However, they remain largely invisible, underrepresented, misrepresented and undervalued. Join...

A Guided Tour of the Augmented Reality Galaxy

The augmented reality galaxy is expanding and Snap is here to take you on a tour. Visit the newest, most vibrant stars that represent the future of AR experiences and learn how they are accelerating business right now. See how media is moving towards immersive storytelling by allowing consumers to invite brands into their world, not the other way around. Plus, Snap will announce a brand new addition to the AR ecosystem that's launching at Advertising Week!

Future Finders: The Future Leading Indicator of a Brand's Growth with Seraj Bharwani

The advertising community is on a hunt for new measurement solutions that protect consumer privacy and yet allow for predictable measures of brand growth through aggregate and cohort-level audience behavior. Intentional consumer attention with brand-produced content and experiences will become an important metric for advertisers. Our analysis of user behaviors across major platforms suggests that a brand’s share of consumer attention in a category is an important predictor of future...

Future Finders: The Future of TV Currencies with Jo Kinsella

TV has been held to the same currency for decades, despite shifts in viewership, proliferation of screens and audience fragmentation. Today, the TV advertising industry is moving toward currencies that reflect a cross-platform, cross-media, cross-screen universe. Jo Kinsella, President of TVSquared, joins AW Studios to discuss how this shift, combined with industry-wide collaboration, have the power to make the converged TV ecosystem the strongest it's ever been for the buy-side, sell-side...

Innovations Changing Business: Brand Storytelling In the Millennial World with Kenny Mitchell

As digital competitors continue to emerge in today's ecosystem, marketing to the key audience of Millennials and Gen Z is of highest importance to brands and platforms. Kenny Mitchell, Chief Marketing Officer of Snap, Inc. joins to discuss the key tactics to win this audience, while chatting about Snap's largest global marketing campaign Open Your Snapchat.

Lessons in Leadership: Start with People. Finish with Performance

With seismic shifts in consumer privacy and identity practices making headlines daily, where are marketers supposed to turn next? Straight to the source: the consumers. Yahoo Chief Business Officer Iván Markman joins us for a conversation on how people-first solutions are key to accelerating strong business growth.

Brazen Business Leader: In conversation with Julia Haart, Co-owner & CEO of Elite World Group

Julia Haart is CEO of Elite World Group and the star of Netflix series My Unorthodox Life. She joins the Advertising Week Future is Female track to talk about her business, life and her incredible story.

Enhancing Customer Experience with Cross-Screen Measurement & Data Collaboration

As the world becomes increasingly cross-screen and addressable, buyers and sellers alike must leverage and collaborate with first-party data. Thanks to advancements in privacy-first data collaboration, TV companies can now pursue data partnerships, preserving consumer privacy and security while unlocking new use cases to deliver higher ROI. Through these enhanced capabilities, buyers and sellers gain access to improved measurement across all touch points. Customer experiences also become more...
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