APAC 2019


Google - Meeting Consumer Needs For a Privacy-First Future

Managing Director of Google Australia and New Zealand, Mel Silva, shares how a user-first approach to privacy can help brands earn and maintain trust with users around the world.

Consumer Experiences - Go Big or Go Home

Delivering one-of-a-kind experiences puts brands front and centre in consumers’ minds and hearts. Through sponsorships, custom activations, and naming rights, brands become an even bigger part of every day – and notably, part of the special moments that capture the senses and remain in memories. Featuring Twitter, Nine, Kantar Australia, CNN and moderated by Mumbrella.

Influencer Marketing for Marketers who Hate Influencer Marketing

At Cannes 2018, Keith Weed, the world’s most influential marketer, cast doubt over the industry when he called for urgent action against Influencer fraud. So why then has the former Unilever CMO suddenly risked his reputation to invest in an Influencer Marketing platform? Join TRIBE Founder Jules Lund, and a global marketer for a dynamic, yet thought-provoking look at the recent breakthroughs of this nascent industry.

5G: The Age of Humans

By the end of 2019, 5G commercial networks will be widespread the world over. Join Mark Melling, Head of RYOT EMEA, the Oscar-nominated studio specialising in virtual and augmented reality, as he discusses 5G’s promise of a new generation of connectivity and the technological evolutions that will shift how human beings live, work and play. Mark will discuss how this revolutionary tech will impact the advertising world, and favour the brave.

Delivering Growth with Responsible Data-Driven Marketing

Today’s marketers are being presented with a difficult challenge: how to deliver personalised, data-driven campaigns while respecting users’ privacy. In this session, top Australian brands will share how they are navigating the journey towards digital marketing maturity in a privacy-first world. Hear how focusing on technology, data and organisational change can responsibly deliver effective relevant, and meaningful marketing and build user trust. This session features Google, Samsung...

Clickety Boom! Hipages and How Digital Brands & TV Ignite Brand Growth

Disruptive ecommerce brands such as hipages achieve strong growth using paid search to catch the jobs as they fall. But when hipages wanted to make sure their growth would be built to last, they realised they needed long and short-term brand strength, so they turned to TV. Could trusty TV be the solution for this new age business? hipages asked KPMG to run econometric modelling to find out. Stuart Tucker, Chief Customer Officer at hipages leads this lesson, joined by KPMG.

The Future of Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling is rapidly evolving from broadcast media driven by the adoption of vertical video to participatory media defined by Stories and Augmented Reality. Ultimately, these changes are leading us to an immersive future driven by Virtual Reality. Join Facebook’s Asher Rapkin to learn more about where these technologies are headed across Family of Apps and Services and to hear about the creative frameworks that you can start to apply today as you prepare for the media of tomorrow.

Get Real: How Authentic Partnerships are Driving Customer Growth

The evolution of mobile and social consumer behaviour has created a unique set of challenges for marketers looking to create meaningful, connected brand experiences without sacrificing marketing dollars in the process. This session explores how marketers are leveraging authentic partnerships that reach and provide value to the connected and discerning consumer whilst meeting acquisition goals. Discussing this are: Adam Furness. Managing Director, APAC at Impact, Lucy Wadsworth,...

Delivering on Customer Expectations: Powering Creativity with Data

Hear how today’s brands are running integrated campaigns to deliver exceptional experiences across Paid, Owned & Earned channels from Red Cross Blood Service’s Head of Integrated Marketing Channels Jude Leon, CEO of Cummins & Partners Chris Jeffares & Adobe Advertising Cloud. ​

Snapchat - Storytelling in the Mobile Era

What role can the mobile play in storytelling? Join Snapchat's Head of Global Business Marketing for this exploration into the craft needed to succeed in marketing on mobile today.

Snapchat Insights - Honey I Shrunk The Screen

Lessons from the Snapchat Audience about what categories of content are exploding and what's the best way to grab the viewers. Kathryn Carter, General Manager, ANZ at Snap Inc, provides insight into the trends.

The Future of Digital Immersion

We live in a world of unprecedented connectivity. Digital technology has made it possible for us to get information and take action in an instant. Despite its helpfulness, today’s immersive digital landscape has led many to wonder if there is a way to enjoy technology’s benefits without being overwhelmed. In this session, we will explore the future of helpful technology in an increasingly immersive world.
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