APAC 2019


The Art and Science of Emotional Storytelling

We all know we pay more attention and are invested when our brain is engaged emotionally. In this CNN-hosted session, you'll hear from Pippa Scaife Commercial Director, Digital Ad Sales and Data, CNN and Joel Pearson, Director, Future Minds Lab, UNSW - a cognitive neuroscientist - about how the brain reacts to emotionally resonating content. How can storytellers and brands can come together to stand out and connect with audiences? Brent Smart, CMO at IAG joins, while Paul McIntyre, Executive...

Is Facebook Good For the World?

With 2.7bn people on Facebook, what responsibility does Facebook have? Ime Archibong, VP of Partnerships at Facebook, will discuss how Facebook gives people the power to build community while innovating responsibly, and how this impacts businesses and the communities they serve.

Reprogramming Programmatic

Australia is facing calls to adopt a GDPR-style privacy code. Will these restrictions advance digital marketing and improve the advertising experience? Featuring OpexX, GroupM Programmatic Services, Verizon Media, Dow Jones and JW Player.

The Social Evolution - Success Stories

The social media phenomenon is here to stay. Running your own organic content is a must and engaging outside influencers has become a core strategy for growing your audience and driving purchases.

Professor Mark Ritson: Let's Look at Branding

Mark Ritson, from Melbourne Business School, reviews some of the current big questions in branding and provides a series of unpopular, and frankly at times devastating and miserable conclusions.

Noël Paasch, Google: Why Machine Learning Can Help Cure Blindness But Not Bad Creative

We're at the dawn of machine-enabled everything. At the moment, machines are good at answering the questions machines can answer but how can we make them good at answering the questions that will make creative better? The creative opportunity is to keep seeking because new patterns won't emerge if we ask the same questions. Machine learning is about enabling a billion interns, not creating one Einstein to enable us to be more ambitious about what we're asking and what stories we might tell as...

The Rise of Emerging Channels

By 2023, digital-out-of-home (DOOH) is expected to make up nearly 30% of all OOH spend globally, a market that reached nearly $31 billion last year. With the rise of automation, advertisers and media owners benefit from the unification, efficiency and increased value of premium inventory. Hivestack Managing Director Matt Bushby and Verizon Media’s Greg MacDonald discuss the rise of emerging channels, the tools available to advertisers and the revenue opportunities for media owners.

Human Marketing - How To Do It

We are witnessing a shift in device-centric targeting to human targeting - putting the focus on human behaviour, inspiration and emotions. It is no longer just about meeting targeting demands, but about striking emotional chords and effectively resonating with your consumers - the humans. This debate will explore this concept of how to unfold your data, utilising it effectively to communicate with your core demographics and their passions while driving return on investment. Featuring CNN,...

Sherilyn Shackell, The Marketing Academy: ‘What’s The F**king Point?

Sharing learnings from The Marketing Academy Australia ‘purpose’ module, you’ll learn from founder Sherilyn Shackell on how to rediscover the joy in life and work, how to avoid getting stuck on a never-ending treadmill of soulless endeavour and how an ancient Japanese philosophy might provide the secret to living an extraordinary life. The session is accompanied by searing honesty, humour and a fair amount of profanity.

Jason Harris, Mekanism: The Soulful Art of Persuasion

Forget everything you’ve read about old school persuasion tactics. In an age of pervasive social media and radical transparency – where motivations are always suspect and facts collide – you need to put your authentic self forward and stay true to your values to be persuasive today in business. Hear from Mekanism CEO and author of The Soulful Art of Persuasion, Jason Harris, as he discusses what it takes to build real long-term brand success by developing character and being your complete...

The Things I Wish I Knew

If you’re tired of hearing the same sugar-coated advice, sitting back and listening to this session will be a welcome change. Hear some hard-hitting advice from marketers and leaders at the top of their field as they share their moments of failure, frustration, and perhaps even the occasional smile, as they look back on where they’ve come from and how they got to where they are today. Featuring Alexandra Sloane, Head of Marketing, ANZ at Facebook, Edwina McCann, Editorial Director at Vogue...

Future of Publishing

Having weathered the digital revolution and its many challenges, modern publishers are prioritising innovation and forward-thinking as they blaze a trail into the next era of content creation, monetisation, and delivery. Featuring Salesforce, B&T, Australian Community Media, News Corp Australia and Twitter.
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