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Coronavirus Lessons From Asia for Marketers

China has been dealing with the impact of coronavirus for longer than the US and Europe. Amirita Randhawa (CEO Asia-Pacific, Executive Chair of Greater China, Mindshare) and Shibani Walia (Associate Director, Research and Insights, TripAdvisor) explain what happened. How did they cope? What helped and what didn't

Beyond the Lockdown: Rethinking Parenting and Work in the Ad Industry

This live session presents UM's latest data about parenting in the advertising industry, followed by a conversation about how the lockdown has changed (or not) these trends. What steps are being taken to address the needs of parents? Will the lockdown herald a new approach within the advertising industry about how to treat parents? Find out what you need to know to ensure you hold onto your company's finest talent.

Good Brand Behavior During Coronavirus

Should I be marketing at all during coronavirus? It is the question brands are asking as they try to work out what is the right thing to do for their brand, people, business, economy and the wider world. Our experts will break down good and bad examples of marketing during the pandemic and offer new proccesses and ways of working.

Communicating Effectively In A Virtual World: Can You Hear Me?

In this AWLearn Live session, Dr Nick Morgan, acclaimed best-selling author and academic, presents an interactive masterclass in virtual communication. We bring you insights from Morgan's recent book on what really works in a virtual environment. Moragn uses a science-based technique to help explain the best way to connect and communicate in video conferences, pitches and meetings.

Creating Professional Audio and Video Content at Home

We now live in a world where brands, agencies and content creators are creating from their sofa or kitchen table. None of us expected to be turning our homes into recording studios. While some creative tools are easy to use from home, it can be hard to simulate professional audio, podcasts and video footage from your personal space. We ask some audio and video experts for the tips to make your content rise above the rest.

Streaming TV: A Big Opportunity for Small Business

Join us in a live webcast event, where we'll break down the basics of the streaming TV landscape, share the latest trends about how viewers are consuming television today and show you how easy it now is to reach valuable customers on Streaming TV.

Stocking The Cabinet

Join us in a live webcast event, where we'll discuss the biggest issues and challenges facing consumer goods companies today. Featuring Danone, Molson Coors, Frito-Lay and Conagra Brands. Learn the trends, understand the issues and delve into the strategies you need to know.

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