Michelle McGuire Christian

Michelle McGuire Christian is the Leader for the Experience Management hybrid asset business of Deloitte Digital. Responsible for the go to market strategy, deployment of assets in the marketplace and the overall growth of the US business. Deloitte assets and IP include the use of advance Customer Data Platforms (CDP), data management, AI, ML and decision automation including our proprietary IP the Hux Platform. Additionally, responsible for the offering of operate services (AMS) and performance management for Advertising, Marketing & Commerce performance for Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), Chief Data Officers (CDO), Chief Digital Officers (CDO) and Chief Experience Officers (CXO).

Michelle has a Master’s Degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia.

Michelle lives in Calabasas, CA with her husband, three children and two dogs Louise and Foster and enjoys hiking and gardening.