Maggie Burke

Maggie Burke is Facebook’s Global Director of Client Councils and Industry Initiatives. The team’s mission is to foster a “customer first, customer best” culture throughout Facebook. The Global Client Councils are made up of top marketing and agency executives from Facebook’s key clients and the major agency holding companies and are an indispensable part of Facebook’s commitment to listening to their customers and building deep relationships grounded in trust. Maggie and her team are also responsible for leading key strategic initiatives with the industry based on feedback from our largest advertisers and agency partners. Maggie has been at Facebook for 11 years, and previously held roles within the company in sales focused on building out the Travel vertical business. Prior to joining Facebook in 2010, Maggie held senior marketing positions at Expedia, Google and Verizon. Maggie is based in Dallas, Texas where she lives with her husband and son, Grayson.