Daniel Acutt

Having been born and raised in Zimbabwe, studying Design in San Francisco and now residing in Amsterdam, Daniel Acutt has experienced many perspectives of life, all of which have played an instrumental role in shaping his work and identity as a designer. Through his passion for all things creative, he is now fortunate enough to be able to cultivate inspiration and ideas for a living.

Driven by how design can make a positive impact in peoples’ lives, developing the NOWATCH has been a hugely fulfilling journey. Its core philosophy lies at the intersection of two of his peak interests: design and spirituality. Spirituality has helped Daniel to understand and define who he is fundamentally, whilst also serving as a guide to navigate the ever increasingly fast paced world we live in. Design, on the other hand, has always been a channel for both self expression and empathy. For Daniel, design at its best is a way of extending himself to people all around the world, all of whom are having their own unique, central experience.