Jayme Maultasch

Inquisitive by nature and a quick study, you want Jayme in your corner when it comes to unearthing business solutions for complex marketing problems. Over the years, he has worked on major brands including Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Bank of America, and Burger King, and he is well-versed in categories including CPG, software, and consumer electronics.

Currently Jayme is the global account lead for IPG’s relationship with Johnson & Johnson’s ACUVUE contact lenses. Overhauling all go-to-market efforts triggered a sales renaissance, ultimately restoring the brand to global market share leadership. He manages a network of 15 different agencies and offices for the brand. Additionally, Jayme oversees B&G Foods’ Green Giant brand. He has led the restoration of the 90-year-old iconic character and revitalization of the Green Giant brand.

Earlier Jayme led the Server and Tools business for Microsoft, helping cement its transition to cloud services. He helped Deutsch create competitive disruption work to shift the momentum of VMware virtualization in the marketplace and realize 5+ perception gap increase, 20% market-share growth, and 33% system center revenue growth. Additional brand experience includes time spent on Tylenol, Samsung, DirecTV, and Sanofi Pasteur.

A go-to authority in all things digital and a dedicated earlier adopter, his current fear is—as the proud father of Hayley and boy/girl twins Caroline and Landon—the kids like Alexa more than their babysitter!

He is an avid runner and completed his first NYC marathon in 2016.