Karan Rai

Karan Rai is founder and CEO of ASGARD Partners & Co. a financial advisory and investment firm based in NYC. He loves working with and investing in entrepreneurs and inspired leaders who are building purpose driven companies.

Mr. Rai also, at times, serves as the interim CEO for ASGARD portfolio companies. Most recently, Mr. Rai dedicated some of his time to serve as the CEO for Theodor Wille Intertrade (TWI), a portfolio company that he has led since 2015.

Previously, Karan was the President of ADS, Inc., a leading specialty distributor and supply chain solutions provider, serving all branches of the government. At ADS, Mr. Rai led the company’s turnaround efforts and helped grow ADS into a $1.5+ billion dollar global organization.

Prior to joining ADS, he worked in JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Investment Banking Group. Karan helped structure private equity deals for companies like Huish, Colt , Wyle, Armored AutoGroup.

Karan earned an MBA from Yale University.