Sheena Shiravi

Sheena Shiravi is the Senior Director of Marketing at Eaze, a cannabis technology platform and marketplace that connects adult consumers to licensed dispensaries and brands via on-demand delivery. In her current role, Sheena leads and is responsible for Eaze’s brand development and strategy. She oversees the creative, content, advertising, social media and consumer public relations team.
From building the Eaze Insights data and education
program, to crafting Eaze’s out-of-home advertising campaign on San Francisco city buses, Sheena’s narrative development work has been key in shaping how consumers and policy makers understand and interact with the cannabis industry.

Prior to Eaze, Sheena was a member of the corporate communications team at
Alibaba and represented B2C, B2B and enterprise technologies at leading tech public
relations agencies. She holds a BA in Political Economies from the University ofCalifornia, Berkeley.