Kumar Doshi

A dynamic marketing and technology executive with 15 years experience building revenue generating businesses. Kumar has a passion and innovative mind for marketing and monetizing ideas into solutions and businesses. He has expertise in strategy, marketing and product development. Kumar also has a knack for building, nurturing and leading teams to reach beyond their known potential.

After getting his MBA from MIT Sloan, Kumar developed his marketing expertise in unique, innovative teams within Microsoft. He worked with the world's top brands, like Coca-Cola, P&G, Unilever, Starwood, GM, to develop their marketing strategies and build engaging marketing experiences. In the process, he helped build the business from $2M to $109M.

Recognizing his entrepreneurial tendencies at Microsoft and his desire to "give it a shot", Kumar left the comforts of corporate life to pursue his dream to start businesses. He co-created CRMBZ, Serendipity, and GetTexty and learned valuable lessons and gained insights into the makings of successful startup.

After undergraduate studies at Carnegie Mellon, Kumar started his career at Intel. There he dreamt and created a custom rotational program that gave him experience in the key functional areas of a company; Product Development, Production, Finance and Marketing. The last position spurred an interest in Marketing and led him to build the "Built on BEA" co-op advertising program at BEA Systems.

Kumar experience in big companies and his time in startups gives him a unique perspective. He has talent to spot trends and to create strategies to pursue them. Kumar is an innovative thinker and doer that can help companies in high growth phase with Marketing, Strategy and Product Development.

Specialties: Marketing, Strategy, Problem Solving, Teams, Communications.