Shelby Stilson

Shelby Stilson is traditionally a software development engineer who is venturing into a new position of experimentation and entrepreneurship.

Shelby has been with the Zappos family for over 5 years where he started as an intern and is now experimenting as 1% CEO. His main accountability is executing a variety of experiments, by utilizing all available company services and resources, to maximize customer experience. What does that mean? It means utilizing current potential that already exists within the Zappos company and creating a startup style company- within an already existing company.

As Zappos continues on their journey to become a more self-organized and evolutionary organization by using market-based dynamics, disruption and innovation is promoted at every level of the company. Instead of being stopped after receiving one “no”, Zappos employees are taught that all it takes is one “yes”.

The main goal? Create the best customer experiences possible. After all, Zappos is a service company that just so happens to sell a few other things.