Amit Mashiah

Amit was named McCann Tel-Aviv’s chief executive officer in 2016 and in almost four years has led the company to great success. McCann in Israel currently consists of McCann, the leading and largest advertising agency in Israel; Universal McCann, the leading and largest media company and Universal McCann Digital, the leading and largest digital company in Israel. Under Amit’s leadership McCann is focused on growth and continuously establishes new growth engines such as a media programmatic network, a tech marketing agency and more.

During Amit’s tenure as CEO, McCann Tel-Aviv has accomplished great achievements within the group.
Recently, McCann Tel-Aviv was named one of McCann World Group’s top ten performing agencies and McCann Europe’s most effective agency.

Amit’s leadership is characterized by his versatile capabilities. As a tech veteran, Amit brought a new vision of entrepreneurship and innovation to McCann Tel-Aviv.