Serena Williams

Serena Williams exemplifies courage, beauty, power and style, and has overcome insurmountable odds to win 23 career Grand Slams, known as the “Greatest Female Athlete of All Time.” Her remarkable tennis achievements combined with her off-court success in fashion and philanthropy, as well as a strategic partner and investor, makes her one of the most recognizable global icons in the world.

She is currently sponsored by Nike, JPMorgan Chase, Apple/Beats, Pepsi/Gatorade and was recognized with the AdWeek Brand Genius Award in November 2018.

Additionally, she has Serena Williams fashion on HSN and her own launched independent fashion line, Serena, in spring 2018. She also invests in heavily in African-American women entrepreneurs, has a minority stake in the NFL team, Miami Dolphins, and serves on the Board for Survey Monkey and is Chairwoman of Verizon Media Global Advisors.