Allison Ames

With over 20 years of experience leading licensing initiatives for diverse brands and retail exclusive programs, Allison Ames oversees the strategic direction of Beanstalk globally and leads the agency’s growth efforts. Ames plays a key role in developing and driving Beanstalk’s culture, which has set the agency apart in the industry.

Since joining Beanstalk in 1995, Ames has spearheaded strategic licensing initiatives for diverse brands including Stanley Black & Decker, HGTV, Diageo, Airheads, U.S. Army, Purina, Danskin, Kelly Ripa, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Salma Hayek, among others. She was an integral part of the development and management of worldwide retail exclusive programs for Mary-Kate & Ashley and Danskin Now and has been instrumental in elevating Beanstalk’s expertise in direct-to-retail partnerships. Additionally, Ames reintroduced the Manufacturer Representation division to the agency. Ames was a recipient of License Global's 2018 Influentials Award.