Tracie Kambies

Tracie is the U.S. Retail & Consumer Products Sector & Global Analytics Ecosystems and Alliances Lead for Deloitte, bringing breadth and depth of services to the Retail & Consumer Product market in the areas of Strategy, Analytics & Cognitive, Cloud and Digital solutions. She is the US and Global Analytics & Information Management & Analytics Alliance Leader, and has nineteen years of business consulting experience focused on retail and consumer products.

Tracie has deep experience in helping organizations gain the most from their consumer data and driving marketing and merchandising technology, analytics, and data solutions to drive business value. A seasoned expert in helping transform organizations and deliver complex global data & analytics solutions focused consumer centricity and digital enablement. She brings business and IT together to deliver consumer marketing and merchandising data and insights from strategy to execution and operating. Tracie not only brings a strong strategy and delivery experience, but strength in communication, eminence, and a proven leadership record in the Technology and Analytics arena.

In her role as the technology account leader for several large US retailers, Tracie works with clients to define the strategy, approach and vision to leverage analytics and enterprise information management as a competitive advantage. She leads and orchestrates multiple projects in support of growth and productivity for Retail across the capabilities enterprise Information management and technology integration.