Thomas Pasquet

Thomas Pasquet serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Ogury USA and Chief Operations Officer. An experienced, serial entrepreneur, Thomas previously co-founded web content monetization company BeeAd, which was subsequently sold to the Ebuzzing Group, itself later acquired by ad marketplace Teads.

Having successfully exited BeeAd, Thomas and his cofounder, Jean Canzoneri, were both convinced that a significant opportunity still existed within mobile advertising to offer a solution outside of the dominant players. In 2014 they started Ogury with the ambition to become the world’s biggest mobile data platform with the widest reach of data generation globally. To achieve this, the aim was (and continues to be) to run the largest explicitly opt-in first party data generation platform, giving app publishers and brands a suite of solutions to fully harness the power of unique mobile data, simultaneously improving the mobile experience of users.